Grace LED Project

So I had a thought to create a tree-topper inspired by the grace described in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth Series.

First, the outer circle representing the limits of life, then the square inside that circle that represented the world of life, then another circle inside the square that represented the beginning of life, then the eight-pointed star, representing Creation, within the inner circle…Lines coming from each point of the star, crossing the inner circle that marked the beginning of the world of life, and then the outer circle that represented the end of life and the beginning of the world of the dead.

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Skyrim Alchemy Recipe Book

So after writing the posts about Skyrim Alchemy Recipes and Ingredients, I wanted to see if I could create dynamic content using WordPress and a form to query a database and tell you what results you can get from combining ingredients in Skyrim. Turns out, I was able to (I was quite surprised). You can use the below form to select one ingredient to see all the possible recipes from it, or select two or three ingredients to see the results. You can also see if there is the possibility of creating a potion/poison with certain combinations of effects (or see what potions/poisons require what ingredients to make. Please let me know if you find any problems with it! Continue reading

Skyrim Alchemy Recipes

The problem I have with video games is that they are digital. Hear me out. What I mean to say is, they are governed by a set of equations. Unfortunately that’s what I love about them. Every game I play, I try to figure out how to play it better or more efficiently, typically through the use of Freemat, Excel, Open Office, or some other desktop software. I know I’m a geek. I’ve accepted it. Continue reading

Skyrim Alchemy Ingredients

So every once in a while, I stop playing SWTOR and play Skyrim (typically when I’m away from home and can’t take my PC with me, but the XBOX works in the hotel room). Every time I start a new character, I have to relearn all of the alchemy effects. I figured a checklist would help, so here it is. Continue reading

Patch 2.2 Changes to Tanking Gear

With 2.2 adding new mods, armors, and enhancements, I reran the algorithms I used for the Assassin, Juggernaut, and Powertech to incorporate these changes. New enhancements added in Patch 2.2 that apply to all three classes were:

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